TRAVEL WEBSITES – CONTENT CREATION – Travel blog and reference site about the United States of America for French speaking travelers from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Québec and Francophones from Africa. Features over 200 articles classified by state and city. The vast majority of our articles are based on our travels to the United States and we are always looking for new destinations, sites and events to review. – All you need to know about Toronto for French speaking travelers and immigrants. Project started in 2013 with must-do places as well as features per neighborhood. Basic tips about transportation, getting around the city as well as suggested locations for longer stays.

WEB MANAGEMENT – Please sit back and relax, setting up your Web Presence will be easy and simple; we’ll deal with the mumbo-jumbo and technical aspects of the project. We offer a range of investigative services that include Website Monitoring, Website, Domain and Server History, Web Presence Evaluation, Information Architecture, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Investigating, social media profiling and much more.